An E-Statement is the same thing as a paper statement except it is available on-line.  E-Statement delivery allows you to receive your account information quickly and securely, your statements are available any time on-line via internet banking.  However, you can save your statements on your computer for long-time access.  This convenient delivery method expedites statement delivery, eliminates the hassle of storing any paper statements, and provides you with a convenient, secure storage system.  It also helps the environment by reducing paper usage.  (Go green!) No additional fees apply.

By accepting this Online Statement Delivery Agreement, you certify and agree that all monthly statements will be made available to you through our Internet Banking Portal.  At all times during your use of Online Statement Delivery Services you will be bound by and fully comply with each and every provision of the Electronic Disclosure Agreement that you entered into with us, including but not limited to the provisions of such Agreement regarding E-Disclosures. You hereby represent, warrant, and covenant that you have received, read, and fully understand the Electronic Disclosure Agreement, and you hereby reaffirm and ratify each and every provision of the Electronic Disclosure Agreement.  Various features of Online Banking require a registered email address, such as account notifications and password resets.

To register in Online Statement Delivery, fill out the form below, accept the agreement and click I agree. At this point all correspondence will be made available on line.  Note Litchfield National Bank will never send your sensitive customer information to you via e-mail. It will be available for review or download from your internet banking homepage.

E-Statement Enrollment